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24/7 internet support at halls

By TerSL 09 Mar 2017

Having any issues with your internet?

  • Ask4 (our internet provider) has a support team who can help:
  • Email for free:
  • Ring: 0114 3033232
  • Request a call back via text : 07797 800545

Just tell the Ask4 team:

  • What isn’t working as you’d expect it to?
  • Which devices are affected?
  • When did your problem start and when does the problem occur?
  • Where do you experience this problem?

Hopefully most of the time your Wifi will work fine with your 6 devices but if not contact the team and get it sorted!


TerSL is Teresa. She works for Derby Student Living and likes foreign travel, Spanish food and walking her dog Archie in the Peak District.
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