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By nicsl 26 Apr 2018

There are lots of pluses with living in halls but one thing you can't expect when you move in is the type of bed and breakfast you've enjoyed  courtesy of Mum and Dad and a place where, you can go out and have dinner waiting for you on the table when you come in. 

It's crunch time, time to step up to the plate  (literally) and master the art of student cooking.  To start you off , here are a few food essentials  that should be in any self respecting student's food cupboard. With these you can still enjoy yummy food  - you'll just have to make it yourself! 

PASTA - Whether it’s spaghetti, pasta, fusilli, macaroni…it doesn’t matter. Pasta takes about 15 minutes to boil and the taste possibilities are endless...mac n cheese, spaghetti bolognese, pesto, plain old cheese and tomato really can't go wrong!

• GARLIC - This handy little ingredient can make anything taste good and have a little flavour, from a simple pasta dish to a sandwich t0 get the idea. Tip: Scrape it over toast for cheap and easy garlic bread. Plus, it lasts for agesssss so is student wallet-friendly too.

FROZEN VEG - This is literally a life saver. Frozen veg lasts much longer than fresh veg, it is WAY cheaper than buying fresh vegetables and has been said to be healthier for you too. You can use it for a number of different meals; making a pizza or a salad or just as a side to your favourite dish. There are lots of options including mixed peppers, onions, courgettes, sweetcorn, peas and so on. 

• TINS OF ANYTHING - Whether it's soup, beans, chopped tomatoes, spaghetti hoops, carrots or pre-made meals (chilli/curry/Christmas dinner, apparently), tinned food is mega easy to cook, will last in your cupboards longer than you'll be at uni and can often be a meal all by themselves, if not, an easy add on to another meal.

• POTATOES -  Who doesn't like potatoes? Let's face it, whether you're a chip kinda gal or a mash loving guy, potatoes are pretty great. They are easy to prepare, you can make lots of different things with them, they're filling and they won't put a hole in your purse. 

• SALT & PEPPER - These nifty ingredients are great for everything. They add a little flavour to an otherwise bland dish. We could begin to list what you can sprinkle them on but we'd be typing forever. Again, salt and pepper pots may well last longer than you spend at uni so get investing!


nicsl is the Marketing Assistant. She enjoys travelling, music festivals, delicious food and binge watching Rick and Morty.
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