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Paradise Island Adventure Golf!

By nicsl 03 Oct 2017

Did you know that there is a tropical paradise complete with mystical stone carvings and tropical tiki huts on your doorstep?

The Paradise Island adventure golf course on level 3 at the Intu Centre is set amid a tropical paradise and is lots of fun. There are two eighteen hole courses to choose from...

Shark Bay

Try your hand on the Shark Bay course, teeing-off from an abandoned shipwreck and navigating through sea caves with octopuses, beaches, and a castaway camp with turtles and sharks before ending up in a tribal village and cannibal camp.

Mermaid Rock

The Mermaid Rock course starts at the docks and takes you through the monkey temple and rainforest complete with tropical plants and sounds of jungle. Continuing through the lost lagoon and finishing in a mystical spice bazaar, the 19th hole gives you the chance to win a free game at the end of the round.

Student rates are £7 for one course or £10.50 for two

Open from midday on weekdays and 10am at the weekend until 10pm and 11pm respectively

Book now! or ring 01332 340288 for more information.


nicsl is the Marketing Assistant. She enjoys travelling, music festivals, delicious food and binge watching Rick and Morty.
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