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Save those pennies!

By BzSarah 03 Oct 2017

Your student loan makes that bank balance of yours look pretty healthy...

 But what can you do to make sure your money lasts you to the next installment and you're not stuck on a diet of plain rice a few weeks in to term?

Here are a few handy tips which might help you make that step up from plain rice and even afford some luxuries for yourself.

  • Make a list of all the money coming in to your account and everything going out each month (let's be honest there's probably an app that will help you do this so it's not as much a chore as it sounds).
  • Based on your list, work out how much you have left each month for little luxuries that keep your social life afloat.
  • Give yourself 5 minutes once a week to check your bank statement and with mobile banking there's no excuse!
  • Write a shopping list (again there is definitely an app for this too!). Most of the money you are likely to waste is on food and if you plan your meals for each week, it means you only buy what you need. 
  • Invest in a student travel pass and a Young Person's Railcard to cut down your travel costs.
  • Remember to flash your student card wherever you go to get that all important student discount. If you followed step 1 (of course you did), then you will have some cash to hit the shops with!
  • If you are having any money difficulties, talk to someone about it (friends/family/your halls staff). Don't let it get to the stage where you have completely maxed out your overdraft and that plain rice is actually now looking quite appealing!

If you have any queries or concerns about your rent, we are are always on hand to help.

BzSarah is part of the team and plays the saxophone.
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