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The Halls Handbook - your go-to guide

By TerSL 12 Oct 2017

The first few weeks at Uni can leave you feeling like you've had information overload and wondering whether you've done everything you should have done.  

But once the dust has settled and you've made yourself at home in halls there may be some things you're still not sure of .  That's where the Halls Handbook comes in.  Covering everything from how to deal with maintenance issues to fire safety, making complaints and how to avoid charges when you leave halls - the Handbook has it.

So if you're still not sure how things work in halls and you want to know more just check out your Halls Handbook for more details:

Halls Handbook 2018/19

That way you'll know exactly what your rights and responsibilities are.  Of course don't forget you're also welcome to pop into your hall office and speak to your friendly Hall Manager too.




TerSL is Teresa. She works for Derby Student Living and likes foreign travel, Spanish food and walking her dog Archie in the Peak District.
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