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Wave goodbye to those January blues

By TerSL 23 Jan 2019

We know how those January blues can be hard to shake.

Christmas may seem like a distant memory and the exam period is hitting us hard, but that doesn't mean it's all bad, there are lots to look forward to in January.

If you've noticed your friend or flatmate seems distant and not themselves, then we've got some tips for you to try and cheer them up. Doing something simple and small can make a huge difference.

Talk to them: Talking can help a lot, talking about things is better than keeping it locked inside. It can be as simple as asking how their day has been or how uni is going. Put your phones down and have an actual conversation, you may learn things about each other that you didn't know.

Exercise together: Joining the gym, a university society, or even going for a walk can help if they are feeling down. Exercise has been proven to improve our mental health, so getting out and being active is a great way to try and make them feel better. Exercising is also a great way to meet new people and to keep busy.

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Cook together: Cook a meal together or make dinner at the same time, spending time together will take their mind off how they are feeling. Even taking them a cup of tea in the morning can make their start to the day a good one - you can't beat a friendly brew in the morning.

Days out: These don't have to cost a fortune, it may just be going into town, getting some food or going to the cinema. There are always discount options or free alternatives! Giving them something to look forward to and involving them in plans will make them feel better.

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Keep in touch: If you've gone home for the weekend or vice versa, drop them a text or call to see how they are. This will make them realise they have someone who cares about them and you're a pretty good friend!

Tag them: Whether it's a hilarious video on Facebook or a funny meme on Instagram, tag them, if you think it's something they would find funny, then you're probably right. If it puts a smile on their face or even makes them laugh, then it's totally worth it.

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Give them a hug: Never underestimate the power of a hug. Everyone needs a hug every once in a while, this effective gesture could be exactly what they need. Who else are they going to get a hug from if it isn't their best mate? 

Empower them: This could be as simple as paying them a compliment. If they've made dinner that looks or smells good, let them know. If they've made more of an effort to look nice, tell them! Making them feel good about themselves will help improve their mood, it's so easy to do.

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Mental health is a serious issue for students and interactions with fellow students can help more than you realise! Student Minds have a 'Look After Your Mate' campaign that could give you some ideas on how you can help. 

To book a Wellbeing appointment ring

01332 593000 or ring the helpline number 01332 592000 (Monday to Friday)

or email the team at or


TerSL is Teresa. She works for Derby Student Living and likes foreign travel, Spanish food and walking her dog Archie in the Peak District.
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