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Your guide to sorting out your visa!

By nicsl 13 Jun 2018

As an international student, we bet you are so excited, not just to start studying, but also to move to Derby. One thing that can make this time a little stressful is trying to sort out your visa and make sure you get it right in time to travel here.

Don't worry! We have put together this handy little guide to tell you everything you'll need to know and to relieve a little of that stress:

How long do I have before my visa expires?

If you want to extend your visa, you MUST apply a month before your current visa expires but your visa cannot be any longer than five years. If you need to stay longer to complete your degree then now is the time to apply for an extension because you may be able to extend it by up to twenty three months.

Can I stay in the UK over summer?

The length of your visa depends on your course - if you have a year-long visa this may include summer too. You'll find this information in your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies. 

How do I extend my visa?

It isn't the easiest process but let's go through the steps!
1. You need a sponsor. You can use the same sponsor as before or a new one. Your UK or overseas university is probably the easiest one to use. 
2.You need to include a photograph and your fingerprints.This can be done at Post Offices for £19.20 - don't forget them! 
3. You need to pay. Healthcare surcharges need to paid in advance before your application can be processed and you also need to pay for the process. A standard application takes 8 weeks, but you can pay more to get a quicker decision if you need to know urgently. 

If you're ever worried about a conflict between your studies and your visa, please do speak to your hall manager, a lecturer or Student Wellbeing.

If you need more information about your Tier 4 application then you can download the Home Office guide that explains everything in more detail. 


nicsl is the Marketing Assistant. She enjoys travelling, music festivals, delicious food and binge watching Rick and Morty.
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